GPS – Affordable Fleet Tracking

More and more companies are turning to Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to find out where their fleet vehicles are or have been. GPS is a satellite-based navigation system that can determine the location, speed and direction of a vehicle anywhere on the globe. Unlike cellular communications that can run into “dead spots,” GPS receivers and satellites are always able to maintain strong locks, even in regions with dense foliage or urban settings with tall buildings.

GPS fleet tracking can help in many ways including:

Control labour costs

GPS tracking helps companies get a grip on labor costs, especially overtime. Employees on the road typically keep their own vehicle history records and write their hours on a timecard each week. With the GPS system, those timecards are replaced by precise reports printed straight from a computer, which list the history of each vehicle from the time it started to the time it finished, including how many stops it made and the length of each stop. Thus work can be verified and analyzed.

Increase Fleet Efficiency

With GPS tracking data you can determine an individual or group’s average length of a service stop; or analyze a service stop vs. non-service stop; or the actual length of a service call or installation. Corrective measures based on this information gets job productivity up and wasted time and inefficiency down.

Lower your fuel bills

GPS tracking information attacks high fuel bills in three areas: Controlling Speeding, Idling and Unauthorized Use. Tracking data is captured for all three items allowing fleet managers to take steps to address these and measure the results of their actions. As a result, fuel consumption and costs can drop dramatically. Speeding increases your maintenance, fleet insurance premiums, fuel expense, gas mileage and your liability when an accident occurs. With GPS tracking there is no need to rely on the public to report unsafe drivers.

Control Moonlighting

GPS tracking units monitor who, what, where and when your vehicles are or have been. This puts controls on unauthorized usage and moonlighting.

Vehicle & Cargo Security

Every year companies lose over billions a year because of cargo thefts. And much of this happens during transit. Tracking systems can play a major role in preventing both vehicle & cargo thefts as well as aiding recovery.

Resolve billing disputes

Arrival and departure times are recorded. Determine exactly when your vehicle arrived and departed from a customer’s address.

The detailed, accurate information available from GPS has made it popular within aviation, sea navigation, various outdoor activities and sports, and automotive vehicles. There are numerous benefits of GPS tracking for managing transportation fleets and the cost has become affordable in recent years.

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