Sales Force Automation (SFA)

01-saleslinkSalesLink Mobile Overview

SalesLink Mobile is an award winning mobile business solution that empowers your workforce using Smart-phone and handheld PDA technology.  Currently used by over a thousand Mobile workers each and every day, SalesLink Mobile encompasses a variety of mobile business modules.

SalesLink Mobile Ex

SalesLink Mobile Ex  includes all of the functions required for field merchandisers and FMCG Sales Representatives.  It targets compliance based functionality allowing the instant capture of key executional functions including promotional compliance, distribution, inventory and shelf checks for every store visited. In addition this information can be separated by category or brand and even by store department (E.g. Bakery or Delicatessen) allowing your field team to complete their checks accurately and faster than ever before.


02-pdaSalesLink Ex will transform the way you conduct business in the field.  It will open new business opportunities, drive increased focus productivity for your field teams, which results in increased engagement and profitability.

  • Time spent on manual and paper-based processes will dramatically reduce and non productive downtime for paper work catch-up is virtually eliminated.
  • Mobile automation of your field force will allow data to be captured and processed without any need to re-key any data by head office administration staff.
  • Representatives can retrieve customer and product information wherever they are and immediately transmit their completed compliance data back to the head office.
  • Appointment scheduling for store visits is automatic with the user easily able to make adjustments when there are schedule changes.
  • Head Office has the ability to instantly identify performance, trends and problems, then make on-the-spot decisions and react to the market or competitor requirements

Instant Access to Information

SalesLink includes a full suite of business reporting dashboards that highlight changes and opportunities by sales representative, category and account, across your critical business drivers. Totally web based, with log in functionality for management and staff, it provides top line visibility and drill down capability. Dashboards will become the foundation for the performance measurement of brand(s) and your field team.

SalesLink Ex Features

Data collection requriements are completley configurable. Either the full detail screen or one of 4 quick capture modes can be selected as pictured below. As inventory is checked, graphical indicators display checked status for easy user readability.


Dashboard Reporting with detailed Drill down Access

SalesLink Ex delivers real-time information and results via the SalesLink WebConnect Web Portal.  WebConnect can be accessed through any web based internet browser and displays information using dashboard style indicators.  Drill down access down to individual Store, Brand, Category or SKU is available with the click of a button.