Supply Chain Management Solutions


Manhattan Associates: Expertise Focused on Your Success

ma1For 19 years, Manhattan Associates has concentrated exclusively on helping companies streamline their supply chains to achieve lower costs, higher profits and happier customers. Virtually all of our 2,300 employees focus on supply chain optimization. They work directly to bring value to our 1,200 customers through research and development, training, implementation and ongoing support. Today, Manhattan Associates is voted as no.1 Supply Chain Solutions in the world.

We build our knowledge of supply chain optimization every day so that we can bring our customers the best possible solutions for their needs. Each year we invest more in supply chain research and development than any other company in the world—in excess of $45 million in 2007. In addition to our many PhDs and other experts, the Manhattan Science Advisory Board brings together thought leaders and international researchers from outstanding academic institutions such as MIT, Columbia University and Georgia Tech to discuss advances in the underlying science, address new economic developments and identify fruitful areas of research. We are committed to offering the best and deepest supply chain solutions to our customers.

Unlock the Value of Your Supply Chain with Manhattan’s Deep Expertise and Broad SCOPE

Manhattan’s SCOPE: Supply Chain Optimization—Planning through Execution links all aspects of your supply chain to increase profitability, enhance customer satisfaction and protect your company’s reputation. By taking a holistic approach to complex supply chains, Manhattan meets the demands of the most competitive companies to go beyond providing point solutions that improve the performance of one aspect of the supply chain—often with unexpected consequences elsewhere. SCOPE’s deep capabilities appeal to companies for whom high functioning supply chains are not just business critical; they are central to their image and value.

SCOPE offers everything you need today, and the ability to continue to respond to your needs tomorrow:

  • Distribution Management: From your suppliers’ loading dock to your customer’s front door, streamline your distribution process, deliver faster and reduce costs.
  • Warehouse Management: Managing the complex multiwarehouses and human resources to streamline your distribution process, deliver faster and reduce costs.
  • Transportation Lifecycle Management: Reduce costs, reroute around trouble spots, coordinate deliveries precisely and deliver more, faster, for less money. Connect your transportation network from procurement to delivery.
  • Order Lifecycle Management: Manage the order process efficiently from supplier to customer, and even back again, and you save money.
  • Inventory Optimization: Avoid rush charges, express delivery fees, excess inventory and unhappy customers with sophisticated inventory optimization capability.
  • Planning and Forecasting: Anticipate demand-and respond quickly when it changes. Accurately predict inventory requirements to increase sales, minimize working capital demands and keep customers happy.
  • Flow Management: Integrate your demand, supply and inventory strategies from planning through distribution.
  • Extended Enterprise Management: Collaborate with your trading partners to efficiently communicate and ensure goods move smoothly to your customers at minimum cost.
  • Supply Chain Intelligence: With easy-to-read reports presenting powerful analytics, you can monitor the performance of key elements of your supply chain network over time from one intuitive workbench.
  • Supply Chain Visibility: See a single, consistent, real-time view of your entire global supply chain for greater inventory control, promote optimal fulfillment channels, and reduce cycle time variability to lower safety stock levels.
  • Supply Chain Event Management: Track and monitor supply chain events real-time and respond immediately based upon alerts to critical exception events, which may threaten your ability to meet customer demand.
  • Supply Chain Process Platform: SCOPE’s modular service-oriented architecture makes extending your focus into additional areas a snap—all SCOPE solutions run on the same platform, use common databases and architecture. Upgrade, extend and create cross-suite applications to address specific business requirements quickly, while protecting the integrity of your data and processes.