Warehousing Services

Our warehouse management team has vast and extensive experiences in managing different industry segments, ranging from high volume warehouses, such as manufacturing and distributions, to low volume warehouses, such as retail business and small scale productions. Our warehousing service can either be based on customer warehouse, or on our premises, depending on your specific needs. Our warehousing service will also incorporate many additional added-value features, such as warehouse management system (WMS), RF barcode capability, standard operation procedure (SOP) and warehouse human resource management, in which all will be tailored to suit your specific industry requirements.

Our Warehousing Services consist of:

Customer-based warehouse:

  • INTEGRASI management team to take over customer warehouse
  • Includes warehousing consultation:
    • Warehousing strategy, business process, SOP and KPI
    • Warehouse layout, infrastructure design and equipment selection
  • Equipped with Warehouse Management System (WMS) and RF Barcode capability

INTEGRASI warehouse:

  • Complete and ready to use warehousing system
  • Equipped with Warehouse Management System (WMS) and RF Barcode capability
  • Warehouse premise and location to be elected by customer
  • Entire warehouse management and labor force to be provided by us